Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cabin 2011

After Christmas we all headed up to the cabin for acouple of days. Its was AMAZING!!!! We hung out and played games, puzzles and ate tonz of food. Great time
Madi sailor and JAke

SUV Central. This is the side of the main house.

Straight infront is the second house were chad and erin ALWAYS stay. They are so smart to stay there were it is quiet and you don't have to hear yours kids up stairs in the bunk house.
We didn't hang in the yurt? don't know how to spell that. Its really cool in there but it was cold and no one wanted to run out to there.
There is the meadow that we ride around and its the gateway to tonz of back roads to ride.
I was out in the meadow and I looked back and the house looked so fun. Made me smile just thinking of the memories we have had and the ones to come.
WE had a big ping pong tournament and my mom ROCKED!! She beat most of the dads.
Amity and I hanging out in the snow.
WE went ice skating and it was so much fun and paisley did so well. I was so proud of her. There was like no snow up there this year so we couldn't go skiing so this was the next best thing.
Playing uno with grandpa

WE also went swimming and this year the pool was WARM! They loved it.

Thanks to my mom and dad for letting us go up there. SO much fun!

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meg baker said...

It is so great that your family had so much fun together at the cabin. It is quite a peaceful place. I really enjoy it too! We are spoiled:)