Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bambroughs in town

Julie I really think that we need to make this. It would look perfect above your fire place. look closely and you can see there are bullets in there too. SOOO cute

Last weekend we were able to watch our niece and nephews for the weekend while there parents ran in the Ragner! Thursday we road bikes outside and ate dinner and headed to bed. Friday is when the real fun started. Brett had to work but we (the kids and I ) wanted to see the sights. We first went to see the lions. We first saw the baby cubs and then came back and the mommas were out. We then headed over to the M&M factory and saw the movie. This time we picked up some m&M before we got there because they charge an arm and leg for them there. After the movie we went to Gardens and the kids thought that was all pretty cool. The babies were getting tired and hungry so we headed home. After some good naps and lunch we went to the park and then to the grocery store. I got alot of weird looks that day with 5 kids. It really wasn't bad though. i'd totally do it again. Grandpa Ed also got to stay the night that night. We were a full house. We hit up the bass pro shop the next day and the kids loved seeing all the animals. Julie Hartley the wreath is for you. WE dropped the kids off in the afternoon. The house seems quiet now that they are gone, really fun weekend.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Wow I can't get over how dang cute you all are...That and how dang BIG Diesel AND Miss Paisley are, I LOVE the family pictures and PLEASE don't forget to send us one over the up coming holidays...GOSH we miss you guys...When you mentioned your awesome homemade chicken noodle, I had been thinking of it and you a ton, I had a sweet sister in the ward bring me soup one night and well it was not yours...AND it made me miss you and yours even more...I need to call you guys it has been way too long...and we wait to dang long in between! I hope you all are surviving the weather, the work, and good ol Vegas and its happenings! I just love it when you post! Anyways PLEASE tell Brett We said a BIG HELLO and well wishes in work and give your kiddos a big hug and kiss, which I know can't be too difficult cause they are sooo stinkin adorable! Miss you Katie and hope you are doing well! My lungs are getting better soo maybe next week I will call ya, since it still take a ton of energy to "breath" lol and anyways just wanted ya to know I was thinking about you all and praying you were all doing well!!! Don't be a stranger!!! Miss you cutie!!

Jewels said...

I am with you Katie, it would look good above my fireplace. I am sure I could round up some cartridges and antlers around here, I know a guy who is into that stuff :). I will work on it and make you proud when you come home for Xmas. See you guys soon. P.S. we now have 8 boxes to send home with you :)