Thursday, September 8, 2011

Washington DC

While The kids and I were in Oregon my husband had a work conference he attended in Washington DC. Once my grandma heard he was going there she jumped all over getting him into the Capital building for a private tour and to meet with the congress man of Oregon. Greg Walden??? Im not a good grand-daughter I should know his name and how to spell it.

This is the view front bretts hotel room. It is so beautiful I wish I would have been there.

Greg Waldon was using my a mug with My grandma's picture on it. My grandma was the Republic women of Oregon for many years and has a huge hand in the political world. We are from such a small town that no one knows how amazing she is and the power she holds. Oh well I think she likes being private to.

The Gaylord ( really that's the name) Brett said the hotel was amazing and he had a great time.

He was able to hit a baseball game one night and said it was an exciting game

I believe this is the church that George Washington worshiped at. Brett really enjoyed going to Washington DC and seeing so much history and how much the Lord had a huge part in establishing our great land. Sad to see how we are heading farther and farther away from what we once were.

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