Thursday, September 8, 2011

Utah Trip.

After being home for a week we decided that we had been home way to long..... NOT! But grandma Wenda and Aunt Kathleen were coming to Provo and we didn't want to miss out. It was also Tanners Birthday weekend and we wanted to celebrate with them. Friday night we went out as a family to a mexican restaurant and all the kids were so good.

Nick and Dexter

Paisley really wanted to take a picture of Diesel and I ! Pretty good I think

Jane and Paisley

Sunday we had some cake and ice cream! Tanner turns 15!!!!!!

On Saturday we went and watched Conlee play a soccer game. She is amazing! No kidding she would kill me anytime we play. Then the kids were getting alittle tired of being at home so we hit up the splash park. Lila, Ryland, Pais, and Jane

We played in the water some but it was cold so we sun bathed to.

That night we had dinner all as a family and it was so nice to just be all together.
Miss Lila is so sweet and smiles all the time.

Grandma Wenda and Krista.
Conlee holding Diesel while enjoying some corn on the cob.
The rest of the night we enjoyed playing cards and catching up on old times.
What a great weekend. Wish dad was there.

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