Friday, September 2, 2011

Pasiley B-day

Our little girl turn 4 July 24th ( I know I'm way behind)! It was a wonderful morning playing with her with her toys and just seeing how excited she was with some tea cup piggies, office supplies, a makeup box and tea set! She is such a wonderful , full of life little girl. She keeps me on my toes and drives me crazy most of the time. But its not her fault, she gets it from me.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Ha Ha I love the whole office supplies, my mom sends Addy a post card every time she does her bills, lol, BUT now if Addy doesn't get something with her name on it, she gets all my mom sent a bunch of stationary so she could start writing them back, Gotta love girls...Gosh seeing those baby photos brought back sooooo many memories though, we sure miss you guys, we just don't have the friendships, out here like we did in Vegas...So if you can imagine Addy gets extremely board, so I managed to barter hair for piano lessons and that helped, a little, but Every day, LITERALLY, I hear, mom when is my birthday , is it the 3rd yet, I've been waiting sooooo long,& don't get me started on the whole school thing, Art and I both are excited for her to start so she will get off our backs, that has only been since school ended last year, lol! I am just glad she Wants to go to school and learn! She started requesting a princess party about 2 months ago, and I FINALLY am starting to plan it out, and BOY do we wish miss Paisley could be there...Please tell Brett we said hi, and give that Adorable son of your a big ol hug and kiss for us, tell Paisley we said hi and Addy said to come visit her...and I know you have been working on something grand Mrs. Katie so post some pictures to brag for me! MISS you all TONS! Have a fabulous week!

sara cardon said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PAISLEY!!! She is such a doll and so full of energy and life! I don't think Lucy has ever had as much fun with one little friend as she did with Paisley.:) We miss her!

Kata said...

Such a perfect little girl. We just adore Paisley to pieces! I'm still mad at you for not telling us it was her b-day party! Dirty trick!!