Monday, August 15, 2011

Oregon VACA

WE got up to Oregon Saturday morning. We went to watch Brynlee dance her little heart out and then we all headed up to the Damn to go boating. It was such a nice day. Everyone got to come and it was just a blast.

1/4 of the kids in the water

Diesel loves Aunt Julie. she gives him lots of treats

My mom and Dad doing kid counts

I love that Julie is pushing everyone out. Lazy boys

Rhett and Diesel.

Barry wishing he could rub lotion on my husband. WATCH it BARRY!
It was a great day and an awesome weekend. Brett fly home for work but came back up for the next weekend.

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sara cardon said...

Looks like you always have such a fun time with your family. If they are all as energetic as you, I bet it is crazy but a blast.:)