Thursday, June 30, 2011

Someone turned 1

I can not believe my little boy is already one. He had brought so much joy into my life and I can't imagine my life ever without him. He is normally always happy and has been that way forever. He eats.... and eats and eats. He will scream at you if you have food and you are not sharing. He loves to play with paisleys toys and get outside whenever we open that door for tex. He can say, papa, dad, mom, and will make the sound of Thank you. If you ask what a cow says he knows and even what a dog says.

I thought that we would do a cake for his birthday but he really just wanted a big cinnamon roll. He loved on that thing for awhile.

He also has a big love for Popsicles. Again don't eat one unless you plan on sharing.

He is totally different than my sweet girl paisley. Much more like his father. Which makes our family work so well. Two moms and two dads. One happy family...... most days. haha

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