Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally one about Diesel

OUR sweet babe boy. Hes getting a little more crazy but for the most part he is just so much fun and soft, so sweet, loves to laugh and play. The only thing he does that drives me crazy is scream for food. YES he is just like his father.

Brett and Diesels little trick. They can do this forever

Diesel- putting up with his sis. She really loves him and he really loves her

Don't mess with him and eating. He hunts out food in the house and then makes the biggest mess. He probably ate over half of what is on my floor. Crazy kid
Diesel watching TV with mom while the College Softball world series was on. WE loved watching tv together.


meg baker said...

I LOVE the farmer Paisley post. That is awesome! Kids. What will they come up with next? Diesel could be Luke's eating brother. Don't mess with the boy if he is hungry. It's not pretty.

sara cardon said...

Such a cutie pie!! The picture of him eating off the floor is hilarious! Your own human vaccuum cleaner.:)