Monday, June 20, 2011

Allie Comes to town!

I've been so excited about Allie being able to come and see me. Allie and I have been more than just cousins forever. She is a wonderful girl and friend and I just couldn't wait for her to get here. The kids and I went to pick allie up at the airport and then drove the strip. I think she was alittle unimpressed but I think she was still excited to be here. The next day we went down to ceasars palace and did some shopping and meet up with Brett for dinner. Saturday we decided to show Allie what Vegas really has to offer.... HIKING!!!! (beat you didn't think I would say that) We did Ice box canyon with our kids and they did awesome.... ok I'm a parent that lies alittle. It was sometimes hard, Paisley really wanted to stop every chance she could and wanted to eat something. It took forever but it was still fun.

Allie, Me and Paisley!
Paisley is really so good and hiking! I love going when she wants to go to.

Yes I'm banging my head on the rock. I was getting so sick of her crying about food! I didn't know Brett was taking the picture but really it totally shows how I was feeling.

After we had lunch Diesel was ready to get home. So I sent diesel, allie, and Brett down the hill and Paisley and I went down alot slower.

Allie and I also went to Mystere together on Tuesday night. We headed down and bought our tickets and went into the show. There was a man at the top and he grabbed our tickets and started to show us where to go. He had weird makeup on but hello its vegas. All the sudden he puts our tickets on this sting and it heads up into the roof. allie and I were like what i going on. All the sudden our tickets fall from the sky all cut up. EVERYONE IS WATCHING AND LAUGHING. So he comes back and starts us on a quest for our seats. he took us up and down and even OVER THE STAGE!! then he decided to kick the people who were sitting in the front seat out and put us there ( he were suppose to be in the way back) He quietly said thank you for playing along and that he would bring us some popcorn. After he was messing with some other people he brought us down some popcorn (let me remind you that the spot light goes everywhere he goes ok) So he hands the popcorn to Allie and looks at me and points to his cheek for a little kiss. I'm stupid apparently and I went to give him one and he turns and kisses me on the LIPS!!! It was so funny. I will never forget it.
The show was great and afterwards allie wanted to see alittle bit of the night life down on the strip. We headed to the water show and just looked around for a bit and headed home. I walked forever in high heels and I got 8 blisters. A couple were HUGE!!!! But it was worth it.
To Allie- Thank you so much for coming! I loved having you here with me and my family. You have always been one of my best friends and I really look up to you! Come visit again soon!!

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Jewels said...

Reading that made me laugh because I know the guy you are talking about. He did the same thing to a couple when we were there and from the outside looking in it was hilarious! He kicked two chinese people out of their seats in front and they looked around really lost, not sure they got the humor in it but it was pretty funny. Sounds like fun. Miss you guys... see you next month.