Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something new

This week was full of new things. Dad being home alittle more! That's the very best thing. We have missed dad alot these last couple of months. He still works from 5 til 6:30 but he gets the weekends off! AAAAAHHHHH SO excited.

We got a fish. I don't think it will last.

Best Friendship is forming. That's probably one of the happiest things to a mother. I hope they stay this way forever.Mom is busy making things still. She made two nightstands (for some reason it looks not level but it is, I have a tool for that) :) I'm on to making Paisley a Twin bed! Wait for it!
We had a great week. Paisley and I are getting along alot better. Diesel is still coughing and wheezing but we are going to a Peds ENT on Valentines day and they will scope him and figure out what is going on. Brett is getting settled in at Sunrise Hospital working with children and me....... I'm happy. Really Happy.

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