Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Saturday we headed up to Red Rock for some hiking. We were going to go up with some friends but baseball try-outs come up and so Brett and I headed up for a mini date. (Thanks Kada for watching the kids) We were going to do a hike we had already done but as I looked through our hiking book I found a hike that looked like fun. After a long, unkept, windy road, we had to stop and just hike the mountain infront of us. (we never made it to the most beautiful hike in the book, so the book says) But the hike we did was lots of fun. A little dangerous but it was all worth it to spend some time with my husband. Love ya babe.

My billy goat husband thinks he can do anything (normally he can) but this time the mountain won. Sorry babe.

This was our way down the mountain. It was beautiful . Lots of fun.

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Kata said...

Dang, that looks like fun! Too bad we missed it! BTW, That's spelled.... k a T a... hahaha, ok really I hope you always spell it that way, Some people spell it kayda... try that one on! lol!