Friday, February 11, 2011

cookies and decor

Pretty uneventful week. Dance, Pre-school, play dates, Oh a fun trip to Pottery barn with a friend, Brett working from 5-6:30, and Diesel still coughing and wheezing. The only thing that really changes things up for me is my quick projects. Yesterday I made this cute pillow. Took about 30 minutes and I love it. I will probably do one for Paisley room to, or maybe mine. Possibilities.

I finally got my shelf put up above my computer. I added my book wreath for now. I'm sure it will change ..... alot. (notice the chest on the computer. I'm going to make that,,,,, with no instructions. Let see how good I am.)

Got to throw this picture in. Lucy came over to Play with paisley and I had to run and grab something. Its amazing how you always leave your house around lunch time. While we were out the girls asked for mac and cheese. I loved the idea and we headed to Panera Bread. They put pink heart cookies right in front of us and you know we will buy them. Diesel got to enjoy Paisleys left overs. The car is destroyed.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

ha ha that is pretty dang funny and VERY to love the sharing...Addy "shared" some chips with Rohnin the other day and As I was coming out of my room to check on "What" it was he was chocking on I found at least 3 handfuls of chips and one red eyed little guy yelling at mom now cause I took all the chips away...Like I said Ya gotta love the is kind of hard getting mad at them when they are trying to help out a little... okay I love the pillow and all the awesome stuff you are making you are going to have to start another blog with step by step instructions for "followers" to reproduce! Really though the stuff you have been making is very impressive, great job! What does Brett think of his carpenter wife?

Jewels said...

You have been a busy lady with your projects. I was just getting the time to do some more painting I have been waiting to do but now that will have to wait. I guess I could take up knitting or something, no wait I would jab myself with the needle do to complete boredum! We miss you guys.