Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Gardens

Wednesday night we needed to get out of the house. The power went out at the base so dad got to come home early. It was nice to see him. We wanted to go to the strip and see the gardens. They weren't quit as amazing as normal but they were cool. Paisley really missed the talking trees, someone controls it and it would just talk and talk to paisley.

See that pumpkin, 849 pounds! There was one over 1,000. Seriously I'm feeling like that more and more. I'm eating EVERYTHING !!!
Diesel just blow bubbles all day. He lovessssssssss blowing bubbles.
It was so nice being with brett.
Just a side note Diesel now weighs 14 p. 7 o. thats a pound in a week. He had the stomach flu and croup. He is growing like crazy and rolling all over the place. He gets stuck all day. so cute.

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