Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My two day project. This blanket was alot of fun but alot of work to. I loved how it turned out. Its really soft to. I hope Diesel loves it.

Sleeping around here hasn't been great. Diesel wants to be awake after 4 in the morning, Paisley comes in about 3 times a night and wants to be up at 6. I hope to sleep ALL DAY!!!!


Rylee said...

how do you manage to get projects like that done when you are going off such little sleep? i'm super impressed. sorry we missed you for lunch the other day. we need to get together soon, we miss you!

meg baker said...

That quilt is darling! Where did you get the pattern? Have you ever looked at the site. I think you would love it. Anyways, super cute and looks extra cozy. Wish I was close by to steal those cute little kids away so you could get a rest.

tamijane said...

Kudos on the quilt, Katie! I love the chenille-look although I've never been brave enough to make one. You'll have to show me how the next time you're in town. Your baby is getting so big so fast. I don't know how you get everything done, either. It makes me tired just reading about it. I think I'LL go take a nap! ;)