Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting here.

We were able to get our keys on Friday May 7 at 5:00p.m. It was so nice to finally be in our own home. We started working like crazy right away. We painted walls and decided were we wanted everything to go. Our stuff wasn't coming til Monday morning. Saturday night we decided that we needed a rest and headed over to Green Valley for a movie. The movie was UP and Paisley loved it. She also loved riding on the horses. We will miss that part of town.

Finally Monday came and stuff just started coming in. We weren't allowed to help bring anything in so I just stood at the door and told them were to put everything. Brett was outside working on our lawn. We wanted to get it done before we started residence. Paisley got into everything. She really had a great time. In this picture she has on all size 3-6 months clothing. She found her old cloths and a little tea set. She had a great time..... for an hour and then we thought life was so unfair. Good Times... Glad thats all over.

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