Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OUr last days

Greetings everyone. It's been so long and I know that this is suppost to be all PRIVATE by now but I don't have the time to figure that all out and post,..... so we are posting instead. I wanted to get a few things down before we moved on to VEGAS life. The weeks leading up to the move my sister in laws throw me a wonderful shower. It was so nice and I got alot of things that I really needed. There was a Nyssa Circus that we were able to watch, Paisley and Ami thought it was wonderful. Jacey did a wonderful job!

WE watched as many soccer games as possible. WE didn't make it to all of them but we were busy.When we watch the older kids Paisley played so good with buggy and Ami. I was able to really watch the game.

We went on a lot of walks before we left. We needed to see everything one more time and really enjoy the quiet, beautiful place that we would be leaving. It was so nice to watch our girl have so much fun throwing rocks into the water.

Paisley also had the oppurtunity to be a little farmer of her own. Her library teacher gave them all seeds and we planted them at home. She did so good with them,, well good for paisley, she watered all the time and they grow like weeds.

Now to our favorite past time while we were in Nyssa..DANCE CLASS! It was so nice to have her and Brynlee in there together. They sure love eachother......... most of the time
Making PIZZA

One of the last things we were able to do is watch Allie do Pole Fault. She did such an awesome job. Totally impressed. The girls just walked around the picked flower the whole time. It was a great day.

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