Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where is she getting this???

This whole week dad has been home with us and we have been loving it. We have been working on cleaning up our house, buying things for the new house and really just enjoying some family time. Because Brett is home more he is getting to hear all the funny things my daughter comes up with. First funny thing.
She won't let you come into the restroom when she is going number 2. I dont know who told her it was a private thing and MOM can't come in but thats how we feel. So the other day she is in there and she is making way to much noise than is neccesary. So I asked her if there was a problem. She screams "Yes, I need a magazine!" Brett and I's face dropped open. Brett nor I have ever said that. I'm not sure what she is watching when I'm not around but the T.V. has been turned off alot more lately.

My daughter knows way to many word and crazy enough always says them the right way. We learned the word "Damn" awhile ago but she didn't know it was bad and she doesn't say it to get me upset. The first time was about 2 months ago and I was upstairs at church. Paisley and her dad were outside waiting for me and Brett asked her " where is your mother at paisley?" paisley replies. Where's my Damn mom dad? My husband told her that we don't use that word and she was fine with it and we really haven't heard much about it since..... Until Thursday.
I was in making dinner and Paisley wanted to bring her baby and pack-n-play into the kitchen to. The baby started demanding food, a diaper change, she wanted to go to sleep then wake up. That baby was really making paisley work.. All of the sudden she says " ah this baby is making me tired..........(starts walking away) DAMN BABY"!!!!! Her dad and I had to have another talk about using that word. I'm hoping that it doesn't happen again.
Paisley and her dad love to see how far they can go before one of them gets hurt.

WE have made alot of stops down at the shed lately just to say hi. One day we wake in and they had purple sacks. She ran to my dad and asks for one of those purple bags grandpa. We had a great time with that for the day. Next day we stop by again and there was no purple bags. Paisley almost cried.... "I really miss those purple bags mom"

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Anjalique said...

Lol! That's too funny about her saying "Damn". I'm just waiting for that day when one of my kids picks up some "colorful language".