Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a little catch up

I know that this is such old stuff but I want to get it down before I start all the new stuff. Around Christmas time we were introduced to Pojo's and Chucky-Cheese. We had so much fun as you can see. We went with Barry and Tara to Chucky-Cheese right before they left to the Fiesta Bowl and then while they were gone we had Brynlee and Rock and Julie invited us to Pojo's. We liked PoJo's better but man they were both a ton of fun. Thanks guys.

I didn't take many pictures while Brynlee was with us but we had so much fun. One night after the girls got in the bath tub they were running around playing before bed. All of the sudden I heard to big screams coming from the kitchen. Brett and I ran in to see that they were playing with some white PEPPER and it was all over there face and in there eyes. It was aweful trying to get it all out of there eyes. Thank goodness Brynlee's wasn't that bad, Paisley's wasn't good. Those little stickers.

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