Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heading to Vernal

At about 2 o'clock we decided it was time for Paisleys nap and so we would be leaving to Vernal. It was the longest drive ever. We were going to stay in Salt Lake and go the rest of the way in the morning but Brett was doing well so we decided to press on. When we got there it was about 11 and I told Brett's parents it was probably better if we didn't open presents now and waited for the morning. I had no idea how it would go. Next morning she came up and opened a couple of presents and then just kept asking for more. She is such a good girl but she didn't understand Christmas at all.

So we decided it would be a great idea if we headed over to Matt and Krista's parents house and do some sledding. My girl isn't scared of the snow at all. They went around for awhile and made some beautiful snow angels.

Next the kiddos decided it was time for some Hot tub. They had a swimming suit that fit Paisley and she just had a wonderful time. The boys kept peeing in the snow and Paisley really wanted to do that. They kept jumping out and jumping into the snow and running back into the hot tub , she thought that was great and she also loved taking a little bit of snow back in the hot tub to watch it melt. Thanks Bambroughs.

After naps we headed over to ice skate. I was a little nervous that Paisley wouldn't like it but she loved it. Did really well and only wanted to stop when she saw the other kids getting candy for the machine, ( we always lose her to candy). Grandma and Grandpa took the little kids back home and Krista, Brett and I played for awhile longer. Krista and Brett had races a couple of times and Krista killed Brett. I was a little scared of falling on my belly so I just took pictures and went slow. That night was also headed out to see the Chipmunks movie, Paisley loved the singing but everything else wasn't so exciting. She kept eating everyone popcorn and when it was time to sing she would scream in the guys ear in front of us. When we got home Mike and Traci's family made it and we got to see everyone finally it was so nice.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

o-k-a-y Katie you were supposed to inform me of "what" you are having girl or boy...several different people have asked me this as well...I hope everything is going okay...If by some miracle you are in Vegas Kyleen and Celeste are throwing me a shower on the 30th, they should have sent you an invitation...but I don't know...What rotation is Brett doing this and next month? Art is doing peds. with a really lenient doc, and then next month he is with an obgyn that is a work horse, he has been with her before...Dang it...Dr. Jameson, but she is really good! Give Paisley a hug for us! Hang in there I hope that the nauseousness is over for you now! Call me when you can and I will chat with ya later! Comment or text me on if you know the sex of you little bundle inside -k-

jolly said...

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Super Mom said...

Hello, your children are beautiful! Greetings from Texas...