Friday, November 20, 2009

There went Halloween

Well Halloween came and went so fast this year. I hate when you don't feel like you are actually there , it just passes by way to fast. Anyways our little girl was a pretty cute little cat. She wore the custom for days before and many many days after. We were able to go to the library for Halloween and to the church Trunk r treat. It was alot of fun watching her understand the idea and want more and more candy.

We do have a ton of pumpkins from our garden this year but they were all kind of moldy by the time we pulled them out. So we needed a few nice ones to carve.

Oh we had that cat face on everyday. WE love any kind of MAKEUP!

The seasons are so much more fun when you have a little one who is more excited then you are. She loves doing everything and staying busy crafting and telling me what I need to do.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

How cute! She looks soo cute in her costume winter outfits! I love fall and winter!!! How are ya holding up when does Brett find out about his placement for the air force??? Art is on his 3rd far Louisiana, & 2 in Texas, & still crossing our fingers for Texas! He just took his step two written on Thurs. Yuck & than flew to Houston 2 hours later! The joys of traveling and the Holidays! Are you guys going to be coming down here any time soon! We hope soo! Apparently we need to chat & play catch up again! This post might be a little long...sorry!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Oh tell Brett we said hi! Give paisley a huge for us and tell her Addy really misses her! Sorry for the grammar in the last post. Give me a call sometime when ya can! Take care! We really do miss you guys!