Friday, March 20, 2009

WE are moving!

So I've been working like crazy trying to pack this house up before my mother comes so that she can help me clean and maybe have a little fun with me in Vegas. I've come across a few things that will not be making the trip. Some things I'm giving away and there are a few that I'm asking for money for. 1. Black dresser. It's very old and not in great shape. ideal for a garage dresser or extra storage, its free. 2. Little brown dresser works great we just don't want it to come with us. $10 dollars. 3. Denim bed spread. It's great no stains $10. I believe it's for a queen. 4. two pictures- free the rose is hand painted, really pretty. 5. Dog purse and cage. Dog purse was purchased for 100 dollars. It's wonderful tex only used it once and grew out of it. I have the shoulder strap and cell phone holder. It's just like new -$40 The case works perfect for airplane travel. Goes right under the seat. $5. only used once. flowers are free. 6. Stroller free, flower free, sign behind says I choose my love I love my chose. Really cute it just doesn't match our house. Never been used $4. there are 3 box window hanging things. Hard to describe they are black and have a wall mount on them- free. 7. Bathroom chest. Used in another house but no need anymore. Has some sticky tape on front but will come off with work. $10. 8. decorations that were in Paisley's room. A small chair-free and a magnet board free. Please just call or text if you want any of them or leave a message on the blog. 
Thanks guys!

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