Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before Grandma

We have found that our little girl is more and more like me everyday. Don't tell her something if you don't plan on doing it. One night her dad said " we should walk... " Thats all she needed. She was screaming walk, walk, walk for 5 minutes and then it turned into scream. It was like 7 at night so we couldn't take her outside. So poor Tex had to get all ready and deal with Paisley dragging him around until she was done. He is the best dog ever and Paisley is working hard at being nicer :)

Pre walk she was helping her dad was mom's car (how nice is he) she was so cold by the time he was done that she like shaking. She was covered in water and her diaper had hit the maximum. I turned the heater on and she sat right down and started to watch TV. I'm lucky there were no accidents.

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