Friday, February 13, 2009

Our week

First off I want to show you guys my first cake from my JoAnne Cake Class. I know most of you could do this without the class but it is so nice how to learn tricks and techniques. Thank you babe for letting me go, it means alot.

Art and Jamie invited us out to dinner Tuesday night and it was sooooo nice to spend time with them. It had been so long that they forgot how our sweet little one is. She eats like crazy, screams the whole time, and has to be moving no matter what. Thanks for putting up with us guys.

MARKERS AND STAMPS!!! I know that I told her only on her paper. She must have forgotten

We have moved into our new 18 month cloths. I wish that every six months I could get a whole new wardrobe.

Ashton and Dani came down last weekend and we had so much fun with them. I'm kicking myself that they only picture I have is of paisley wearing Chases shoes.( Hes only 9 months and weighs 3 prounds more than she does)

Dad is working out at the airforce base so he gets to wear his blues every monday. Mom you never saw him when he came back from basic training in his blues so here you go!

Just a funny!

We want to wish you guys all a wonderful Valentines Day! We love you all and hope that all is going well. Love YA

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Alisha said...

Thanks for letting us hang out with you and Paisley on Friday. We really needed it! Leila had so much fun and hasn't stopped talking about Paisley. I hope you had a good trip