Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our weekend

I know that many of you know about our hard times the last couple of days but I'm writing my blog so that I can print it and make a book. So sorry if you have to hear all about this again.
About 2 weeks ago we found out that our little girl had a UTI. She was so miserable and didn't want to sleep at all. We were strong for a couple of days but after the second night of her crying for 4 hours at a time I finally brought her into our bed and just let her sleep. WRONG DECISION!! We had to rock her to sleep from then on and then when she would wake up in the middle of the night she would cry until we would come and get her. I wasn't sure if she felt awful or if she learned that mom and dad would come get her. Friday she had a doctors appointment so I was waiting to her from the doctor if she was better or not. Well ..... he said she was fine and that we needed to just let her stay in her bed and cry to it. I was totally ready to do that. That night she cried for 4 hours before we heard a big noise up stairs and our little girl come out of her room crying. I couldn't believe that she jumped out of her crib. We were taught and put her right back in. It wasn't long before she jump out again and was just shaking. We gave in again and just put her in our bed. Night 2-- Cry, jump out, cry jump out. Finally we thought of putting her in her pack and play. It was working for about 2 hours and then.... jump out, put back in, jump out. we didn't even make it out of her room before she was out of her crib. It was 1 in the morning at that point so we just let her sleep with us again. Next morning we decided that we were taking her mattress out of her crib and putting it on the floor. We also removed everything but 5 books and a few toys from her room. About 2 hours before church she needed a nap. We put her in her room after hours of taking to her about her new bedroom and that she got to sleep on a big girls bed, she cried for 2 straight hours. The idea was to go in after 2 hours and just pretend like she did a great job and took a wonderful nap......... I opened the door to the worst smell over, toys all over her room, pictures off the wall, cloths taken out of her drawers and a naked butt looking at me. I could not believe that she took her pants off and her diaper and painted the walls with poop. It took me a minute before I could say a word. I didn't want to just yell at her because we lock her in there for her nap but at the same time we don't take our diaper off. I took her to her diaper and we cleaned everything up and throw the diaper away. We showered and headed off to church. Nursery brought her back to us because they said she sounded sick (because she has been scream for 3 days) so I took her home and she took a hours nap finally.
Sunday was super bowl and we headed over to the Rich's and had a wonderful time. Steve told us that we might try just laying down with her for a minute before she goes to sleep. That night she totally went to bed so quickly with me by her and she did wake up a few times but I just went back in and laid by her for a minute and she went back to sleep. Finally at 3:30 I went in there and told her that I wasn't going to keep doing this. She didn't have to go to sleep, she could play with her toys but she couldn't come out of her room. That really made her mad. She cried for like 30 minutes and then went right back to sleep. I went back in to check on her and she had destroyed her room, Just like last time but this time she pick up her bed and moved it right in front of the door and went to sleep in the corner where the bed was. It was a big victory for us.
Last night she woke up 2 times and then at 1 I just let her cry it out and she only cried for 10 minutes and went right back to bed. The only down side to this is that she wake up at 6 instead of 630 but man life is getting much better since paisley has went to bed. Thanks for listening. Picture will be posted soon.


Grandma Brenda said...

I'm sorry, Sis! I have heard about it a little at a time, but the story sounds pretty traumatic. Welcome to parenthood. I've been thinking - she sounds like Barry at the age of "5"!! Nip this in the bud NOW! It's harder at 5 - they can do more damage! Barry's a great Dad, but when he was 5 I could have pulled my hair out. Time out didn't work at all with that boy - he would find some way out of his room, off the chair, or out of the corner. This was only with me, though. When Dad came home he behaved like a great kid! Oh, well, just keep at it. Just think what Paisley can do with all of that persistence when she puts her mind to good things!! Love ya

The Lanier Family said...

Wow! That is such a crazy story...Landon hasn't been sleeping lately either...it's sooo hard! Hopefully it will all be better soon for all of us! I can't believe she smeared poop all over the wall! That is crazy! I don't know how I would react to that one! It was good seeing you guys the other night! We should hand out during the day sometime! I'm available!

Alisha said...

I am so sorry your week was so rough. I hope this next week is better. Leila has been asking to have Paisley over to play, so we will give you a call to plan a date

Rylee said...

definitely one of the worst poop stories I've ever heard. That would have been my excuse to skip church all together, I am impressed you still came! :)