Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to the Cold

Over Valentine weekend we headed up to Utah to see Brett's family before the big move. It was so nice to see family again. The night that we got there there was no snow.... next morning there were like 4 or 5 inches. Of course Paisley was ready at 6 to go out and play in it. Finally around noon dad took her out to play.

Miss Jane

After the snow we had to get ready for Tanner's basketball game. He played so good! We were sure proud of you Tanner.

After the game we came home and guess what I wanted to do. This time I had a friend who wanted to be out there even more than I did. Ryland is up for anything, no matter how cold, wet or WRONG it is, we do it together.
Thanks Aunt Traci for letting me make messes everywhere I went. I'm ok at picking them up but only if everyone helps me, I've found it goes faster that way.

This was my favorite new treat for the weekend. Red peppers!! HHMMMMM so good.

We always stop at this Chevron and get treats. We decided it was time for a good picture moment. Thanks Johnson family for having us up this weekend. It was much needed family time. We love you guys!!!!

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Jessica McAllister said...

She looks so dang cute in her snow outfit.