Monday, January 12, 2009

Yup! I did it all by myself

Look at all of us. Some cousins decided that we should all go sledding the day after christmas. Boy was I happy that they decided that. The picture above shows Aunt Sheila holding me.
Laney, Sailor, Regan, Britain, Me and Brinley going down in the big tub!

Britain and I enjoying the snow.

Aunt Tara and Brinley

There's my dad with Aunt Barry. Dad sure had alot of fun that day. He went out 2 more times driving that snowmobile. He was loving life.

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Elliot and Traci said...

HEY! I found you! It was so fun looking through your pictures. Paisley is SO big and she looks just like you. I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas. I'm excited to keep tabs on you now. :)