Thursday, January 1, 2009


From mom-
Hello everyone. I'm so excited to be back in LAS VEGAS in my own home with my own things. We really had such a wonderful time. To us there is nothing better then spending time with our family. We had really missed them and now we feel like we can make it for a little while before we start missing them to much ;) There are so many things to blog about. I know that I won't get it done all today so just keep checking in and I will get it all done.

I didn't have time to post these cute pictures before we left so sorry these are way old. First there is Paisley and I making Jello together. This little girl loves to cook and stir things. Some times we really have a hard time keeping everything in the bowl. Next you see my little one with white frosting all over her face. Brett and I are kind of health people. I try to find the regular goodies that are just a little bit better for you. She loves pop-tarts so I saw that they make fiber one pop-tarts. I don't think that the fiber is all in the frosting do you?
The last picture is just our new bathroom. Dani and Ashton were maybe going to come visit our house while we were gone so I really wanted to change the bathroom color from nasty baby pink to a greeny-brown color. We finally finished the day before we were leaving. It looks really good.

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