Sunday, January 4, 2009

The trouble

Mom now knows that I can't go into a movie store and keep my hands to myself.

Grandma had a big bucket full of lego toys and I collected all the tires and carried them with me whenever I went. (They were not so fun to step on.)
If Paisley says it's time for Tex to eat then you better feed him or she will. She just loves to help.

Thats me! I love kissing on Tex so much. I can't seem to understand that I can't hurt him while I kiss him.


Jessica McAllister said...

Paisley is getting so big and cuter everyday! We miss you guys! We hope to come down soon! We are sad you are leaving sooner than expected...

meg baker said...

Hey this is our first visit to your blog. It is awesome. It is so fun to see paisley. It is even more fun to know that cute little personality behind the pictures. We are glad we have gotten to know that little bouncing personality.