Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Finishing the last 6 hrs of our 36 hour vacation was a hard trip. I was really getting tired of my mom telling me to just take a little nap and my seat is nice but I was so sick of it. Mom found my much needed sun glasses while we headed into Vegas, the sun surely does shine bright in good old vegas.

We were kind of worried when we entered the valley. Look at what we were driving into. Have you guessed that this picture is of???????? LAS VEGAS!!! I'm sure glad that we can move to the country to get my kid some clean air.
You know how the last oh 30 minutes of the drive you always get even more ready to get out of your car. Well we were all feeling it today. Once we hit Craig road traffic came to a stop!!! It was so aweful. Paisley was just scream and I was losing and Dad almost yelled at everyone. It took 1 hour to get home from Craig road. We had to start giving Paisley any junk food we had, it was better than listening to the constant screaming.

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