Friday, January 2, 2009

The Nyssa Farm Life

After leaving Vernal we headed up to Nyssa Oregon so that my dad could work on the farm to make extra money for Christmas. Let me tell you that I didn't mind being up there at all. The first week we stayed at Grandmas London stayed with us. She is just a little older then I am and we have so much fun together.

My dad also worked inside the packing shed so Mom would take me down there at lunch to visit and one day I found THESE!!! Oh boy did Grandpa and Dad have fun putting these all over my body.

What was also fun about being in Nyssa was that we went to alot of ball games( we never get to do that in vegas). My mom really tries hard not to let me have candy all day but when you go to a game every second one of the grand kids is being a snack up. So after I cried for what seemed like hours mom gave in and let me have a biniki sucker. It was the best thing in the whole world. I could have a treat right in my mouth and still color and play with all the other kids.

Grandma taught me how to take care of my little baby. I loved having her wrap my baby up but I never wanted her to hold him for every long. Thanks Grandma

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