Sunday, November 9, 2008

Like my dad

Mom finally found me some pretty black shoes for the winter. She never lets me wear them out of the store like I want to but I can't cry to much because my mom says that she will take those shoes right back to the store. We got home from shopping and mom was busy making me lunch and I was busy trying to find my shoes. I finally found them in the bottom of moms purse. I ran over and sat down waiting for mom to put those cute new shoes on. I don't have to tell you how cute I am in them because you can look for yourself.  My mother is the kind of lady who likes to save new things for special occasion and my father likes to get in the car as fast as he can so that he can change into the new item. My mother told me something today that I will get to know to be true as I get older... I'm just like my father!

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The Lanier Family said...

That's cute! She is too adorable!