Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's all me DOG????

Isn't it interesting how little ones pick up on some things so fast and other things...... like "please"..... we have never heard come out those cute little lips. Oh well! everything she does is really really cute.


Kim said...

Hi Katie! Let me give you the card for West Elm so you can get the discount in the store! I'll call you tomorrow and I can bring it by to your house (hopefully your number is in the ward directory).

I talked with Melinda and Becca (I don't know if you know her...) about playing games soon. Maybe you guys would be interested?

The Hartley Family said...

How cute is Paisley! We love the ghetto action. THere is noting like an adorable little white gangsta baby! We cant wait to see you guys over the holidays. Love you!