Monday, October 6, 2008

The Prince's at the Park

This weekend we had our fun friends Ashton and Danni come down to visit us. My buddies, Abbi and Chase, came down early with there mom so that we could go play all day Thursday. My mom wanted to show you some fun pictures of the beginning of our park adventure. 

My mom gave me this cookie to eat before I went out to play. She didn't think about how hot is was outside and that all the chocolate would melt way before I finished it off. I tried to tell her that I was ok with the mess but she told me that the cookie was over with.

My mother wanted a cute picture of me on the horse, I know mothers and there pictures, anyways the first one came out really well and then the second.......
I started to almost fall off and my mom freaked out and caught me and took a picture of the floor. We both think its kind of a cute picture.

The little boy is named Chase and he really isn't little. I'm 21 pounds and he is 20. Abbi and Adam are the next two. Adam is Abbi's best friend and he came to see us at the park to.
Oh look at mom and I, I know there were a lot of new people at the park with mom and I today but I have to say that right now my mom is my favorite play friend.

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