Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mt. Charleston

Today we headed up to Mt. Charleston for another day of hiking. It was the perfect day out and paisley was dying to try out her new backpack.

As you can see she finds it very comfortable.

It was just beautiful up in the mountains. We had to hike a ways before we were able to see things this pretty but really it was so nice up there it was all worth it.

Dad being very proud of a big piece of bark. If you notice paisley is pretty excited to.


The Hatch Family !!! said...

Hey, I don't have their blog address, but I do have her e-mail, I don't know if she has a blog...Your pics are awesome too cute see ya at deeanns!

The Hatch Family !!! said...

Hey, thanks for the comment I think my phone fell out in your car, cause I can't find it...Can I get you to look for me? If by chance it is will you text art and tell him you have my phone and to come by your place and pick it up PLEASE Clumsy me sorry! Thanks