Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mini Kittens

I'm not sure who my mom told but I'm in a tumbling class and I was so excited for my first day.
I loved walking around playing on soft mats. I practice my Cartwheels and rolls. I hung from a bar. I rolled around inside of a tub. I walked up some stairs and then jumped down ( still holding momma's hand because I don't think I'm ready to do that all on my own) We stretched to the wheels on the bus and went around to all of the little people checking them out.  It was such a fun day. I'm sure glad that mom was able to find me this class.
Just for fun they gave me two stickers and two stamps
A note from mom: I can't believe thats our little girl out there all on her own. She is not one bit shy or nervous about anything. If you could ask her she would say she runs the show. Being a stay at home mom this sweet little one has become my world. It is really hard seeing her grow up and at some small moments not need me at all. I'm not the kind of mom to cry over my girl growing up.... well thats what I thought. She is a wonderful little girl, I'm so happy she came to us.

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