Friday, September 19, 2008

BUGS CACA - from mom

This morning Brett was already at the gym and I was getting ready to go after him. I went into the kitchen to get a granola bar and I saw a cockroach lying dead on the floor by the kitchen door. I'm not a wuss girl but man do I hate cockroaches. I left him be and was going to tell Brett to grab him. When I came home from my work out I was taking the garbage out and I said to Brett " Hey did you grab that bug for me this morning?" He gave me a big smile and said "No, paisley did". " I saw her trying to catch something over there and then she got it and brought it to me and said caca". See the bugs here roll over on there back and then can't get over. They look dead but most of the time they are not. So Paisley is now are bug girl. Truly not scared of anything. I would say I'm so proud of her but it just makes me sick. Love ya paisley!

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The Hatch Family !!! said...

Too cute I love the pictures and wow she does hit that ball great! My favorite was the eating though and bath, I love giving addy a bath in the sink! I hope you had a fun hike today and we'll see ya tonight!