Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All my new things

As you know I'm growing up more and more each day. 
My mom says that I'm growing faster than she can keep up with.  I've started to watch what mom and dad do more and more and I've decided that they way dad eats is the best way for me. I just shove everything mom gives me in my mouth and then ask for more. I do eat everything I get but this way I don't have to stop what I'm doing to take lots of little bits.

Take a look at my new seat. Mom found it for me. She always keeps it at the table but I'm trying to convince her that the best place for my chair is in front of the T.V.
My mom really does try hard to keep my away from things that she says are " NO NO's" but I'm very fast. One of my new favorite spots is right up in the dishwasher. I move everything around so things will fit better. Man I'm just really good at helping my mommy out. she loves my help, I just know it.
I wanted all of you to see just how well I eat. Dad says that I better be careful but what can I say I just love food. 
Morning are the best time in my house. My mom and dad are home, I get to play in the water and eat breakfast with my dad. I love my DAD.


Grandma Brenda said...

What a GREAT smile, and I love the hair! Maybe she gets the hair-do from Grandma Brenda!

Bateman Family said...

She's practically perfect in every way (just like Mary Poppins). I love to hear of her energy because it makes me feel like there's justice. Know that I mean that in a good way.