Sunday, September 14, 2008

Abby's Soccer Game

Last weekend we headed up to St. George to see some of our wonderful friends. We went to Abby's Soccer game early saturday morning. I can't really focus on watching soccer but dad was nice and took me all around letting me kick my soccer ball. If only other people would have been nicer. I'm really good at kicking a soccer ball but other people don't like me kicking theirs no matter how good I am. Mom has an awesome video of me kicking the ball around but she is having a hard time downloading it. Stay tuned to see me in action.
My mom says that soccer is a really fun sport but sometimes we just aren't in the mood to be running around when its really hot. I think abby kind of felt that way. Besides the fact that she ran in and got tackled over right at the first. Before she got hurt though I saw her playing and she is really good. My mom thought that someday Abby could teach me how to play so that I can be as good as she is. 
* Thanks Prince family for letting us spend time with you this weekend. We sure miss you guys.

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